6 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners in 2020

Carpet cleaning is an interesting topic that homeowners should take seriously. Everyone cleans carpets at home to live a hassle-free life. If you want to establish a clean and hygienic environment in your home, take care of carpets. Clean them regularly with portable carpet cleaners. Portable carpet cleaners make a huge impact on cleaning, as it makes cleaning an easier job. With portable cleaners, you can clean your carpets anytime. Thankfully, these carpets come in so many sizes and shapes. All are used for cleaning tough and stubborn stains on carpets.

If you have kids and pets at home, you can’t control them from creating a mess on the carpets. They often drop food on the carpet and liquid items to make the carpets dirty. It’s a daunting task to clean the carpets without using cleaners. For efficient cleaning, one should use portable carpet cleaners to reduce tension. If you are searching for the best portable cleaners, we have got you covered with some of the best carpet cleaners to use in 2020.

Best carpet spot cleaner

Bissell SpotBot Pet 33N8A

Bissell SpotBot is a wonderful appliance used for cleaning the carpets. You can scrub your carpets easily by using this hands-free unit. If you see hard stains on the carpet, you can remove all hard stains by pressing one button. The appliance has a brush that quickly removes the stains deeply. You can also manually operate the machine in case the robot doesn’t work fine on the carpet.

The machine has got a smart system that works on calculation. If you look at the benefits of this portable carpet cleaner, you can find it effective for cleaning all sized carpet. It’s a terrific cleaning formula that comes in small sizes. On the other hand, the machine has drawbacks too. It is not flexible and users have to operate manually many times.

Rug Doctor Carpet Spot Cleaner

If you are looking for an efficient cleaning system, you can try Rug Doctor Carpet Spot Cleaner for cleaning hard stains on your carpet. It’s a commercial carpet cleaning machine that removes all your stains with ease. Further, the machine can surprise you by cleaning impossible stains because of its powerful technique. The handlebar is flexible and you can fold it while cleaning. Also, the machine has got wheels that provide proper support to the users. You can carry around 64 ounces of water in the container because of its big size.

Not only it carries water, but the tank is easier to empty. The movement of the brush and motor makes the cleaning job easier. If you want to remove a pet’s waste and drink stains, you can make a good cleaning solution. Above all, the machine doesn’t cause any damage to your furniture. According to the power, the machine is reasonable and everyone can afford it. The design is exceptional and removes hard stains. The only drawback is the heavyweight of the machine.

Portable carpet cleaning machine

Aqua Pro Vac Carpet Extractor

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner that looks genuine, you can try Pro Vac Carpet Extractor. It’s a portable carpet cleaner that works great to remove hard stains. The cleaner has got wheels that help you to clean carpets and rugs easily. For wall-to-wall carpeting, the machine is ideal. With the help of this machine, you can remove all types of spots in a couple of minutes. The tank is of good size and the machine has got long reach for all the users. The drawback is its heavyweight and the lack of wheel lock support.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150

>Need a reliable carpet cleaner for deep and heavy cleaning? Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150 is the one you need at the moment. The machine has a brush system that removes hard and tough stains with ease. You can clean the carpet surface without putting energy, as the machine’s heat force works great to clean the spots. The weight is ideal and the machine is 100% portable, even you can reach places easily by holding this device. If we look at the benefits of the machine, we find it a strong stain remover having exceptional scrubbing technology. The packaging is also amazing when it comes to appearance. On the other side, the machine has the only drawback that it gets rusty with time when contacting water.

Bissell Multi-Purpose 1400B Carpet Cleaner

Looking for a multi-purpose carpet cleaner? Try Bissell Multi-Purpose 1400B Carpet Cleaner to get quick cleaning. The material of the machine comes from recycled goods, so it is an environment-friendly product. The water tank is PVC free, as it doesn’t contain chlorine and other toxic materials that can damage your carpet. These toxics can also damage your health, so you should keep your carpet and floor clean by using this multi-purpose cleaner.

You can do a heavy-duty job by using this machine, also it is easier to empty and clean. The most important part is to get rid of tough stains. With this machine, you can clean carpets, car interiors, and upholstery. The noise is also less when compared to other machines. The machine has drawbacks too, as it requires manual scrubbing to some extent that irritates a user.

Best carpet cleaner

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser

Bissell is a popular stain remover brand that millions of people use at home. If you have carpet flooring at home and worried about stains and spots, you should not try any other cleaner when you have got the option of Bissell Pet Stain Eraser. It’s a handheld carpet cleaner that you can hold easily in your hands. Generally speaking, it’s a stain remover that works fine to remove tough stains. It has a quality brush that does the job in a few minutes.

As far as the cleaning solution is concerned, a user can find it effective with the mix of hot water. If you are looking for a lightweight product, you should go with Bissell Pet Stain Eraser. It is cordless and you can use it freely anywhere at home. On the other hand, leakage from the cleaning solution is the only problem with this stain remover.

Spot Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

If you want to buy a carpet cleaner and haven’t experienced it before, you should look at the following points to seek guidance around carpet cleaning equipment. Every household wants a perfect and reliable spot cleaner, whereas portable cleaners make great sense. The portable cleaners reduce the burden of buyers and that’s the valid point that all buyers consider important while purchasing stain removers. Here are the points to follow!

Tank Capacity

The first thing is to look at the tank capacity whenever it comes to buying the spot cleaners. Check the capacity of the tank that how much dirt it can carry easily. The size matters a lot, so check it at a top priority.

Suction Power

After you are done with tank capacity, the next thing is to look at the suction power of the carpet cleaner. You need sprayed water to clean the carpet, so make sure the device has reasonable suction power. 

Dual Tank Design

The tank design also keeps great importance for users. There should be two tanks placed on the cleaner, one for dirty water and the other for cleaning the water. If these two tanks are missing, don’t buy a carpet cleaner. Move on to the next!

Cleaning Brush Action

Brush also plays a vital role in cleaning. If you buy a portable carpet cleaner, make sure you find the perfect cleaner having good brush action. The working of the brush does the actual job when it comes to removing stains. So, it should be fine.

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