Best Wood Burning Stoves to Use in 2020

Do you need a wood-burning stove for your home? It’s your basic need to buy a wood-burning stove in winters because you can’t bear the outside cold temperature. Imagine you enter your home in a chilled winter season and feels cold, it makes you feel uncomfortable. All of sudden, you start to feel peasant because the warmth of the wood-burning stove changes your mood. Hence, you forget about all the cold outside your home and enjoy the heat of the stove.

What is a Wood Burning Stove?

A wood-burning stove is a heating appliance connected through a ventilating stove pipe filled with hot combustion gases. The appliance burns wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuel. Further, the appliance is a closed firebox covered with fire bricks.

Wood burning stoves are useful appliances, as you can save big on utility bills. Further, these burning stoves are a part of the heat source that keeps your room environment pleasant. For the installation of a wood-burning stove, you have better call the experts because you can’t handle the installation on your own. Remember, it’s a tricky job. Let’s take a look at the best wood-burning stoves!

1. Drolet HT 3000 High Efficiency


Drolet is a popular wood burning stove that gets the attention of users because of its efficient and aesthetic performance. The heater has a good heating capacity for your home. Ideally, it is best for mobile homes. If we look at the features of the product, we come to know that heater has a steel construction with cast iron door featuring ceramic glass. The firebox is 3.5 cubic feet that heats up 2700 sq. ft.

The satisfaction rate of this product is also higher when compared to ordinary heaters, as more than 85% of people have given positive feedback regarding the usage of this wood stove. The usability is perfect and it can burn for up to hours constantly, even people use it for cooking purposes as well. The only drawback is the entrance of cold air inside the stove when not operational. It usually happens in the off-season.

2. 1800 sq. ft. Wood-Burning Stove


Looking for a high-quality wood stove to heat your small or medium-size room, 1800 sq. ft. is the best to meet your requirements at quite an affordable price. It’s the best wood burning stove that takes up to 18 logs for heating. The design is EPA-certified which makes it demanding and important for users across the world. The stove has a beautiful door with glass attached to its window so that you can view the fire burn with your eyes. Further, you have the option to choose between pedestals and legs. Overall, the heater is perfect and keeps impurities out of your home.

3. Castle Pellet Stoves 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove with Smart Controller


If you are looking for a reliable heater that has a BTU range of around 68000, you can simply go with the Castle Pellet Stoves, as it offers smart control having the reach of 1200 square feet. The model is ideal for small and medium-size homes. Further, it contains reinforced plate steel that makes it a durable product. Further, a ceramic glass window is attached on the front side that provides the view of fire burn. You can see flames burning inside the heater, and the most essential thing is the portability of the heater because of its adjustable legs. Now you can easily carry the heater anywhere in the home because it is fully transportable. Above all, you get good heating when using the wood logs, as it is 75% efficient for your entire home. So, you can freely run the heater all day and night in your home.

5. Small EPA Certified Cast Iron Logwood Stove


If you want to keep your room temperature warm in winters, then you have got no other choice except choosing Small EPA Certified Cast Iron Logwood Stove. The product is made by the US to support households who work hard in winters, so the purpose of the product is to calm workers in a toasty room environment. The product is a little costly as compared to other heaters of the same size in the market. The appliance can heat up to 900 square feet, and the most important thing about the heater is that it is EPA Certified. It is the reason; people prefer to use this product for homes because small size heaters don’t work for up to 6 hours. Thankfully, it works!

6. Drolet Outback Chef Wood Cook Stove


Need a two in one heating appliance? Get Drolet Outback Chef Wood Cook Stove that not only provides you with heating, but you can do full-fledge cooking on it. The main function of the device is to heat the room, but it helps in cooking as well. The product has got stunning features, as it comes with heavy-duty steel and cast iron construction. The heater has got a large cooktop with stainless steel adjustable grill and a stove.

The ratings of the product make it special and highly durable in the market, even people have given positive remarks for the appliance because of its multi-features. The cooking area is separate from the heating, so it doesn’t collide with each other. The only drawback is the lack of heat people get from this stove because it offers cooking facilities as well.

Things to Consider When Buying Wood Stove

Wood stoves offer heat in winter, so one thing is sure that people look for wood burning stoves in the winter season. Purchasing a wood stove is not easy, especially when you have not purchased it before. Indeed, wood stoves are your basic necessity, so be careful while buying this heating appliance. Always make sure that the woodstove is effective in terms of covering the heating area. You can’t skip coverage of your appliance. Also, make sure that firebox capacity and efficiency is well up to the standards. A product should be easier to operate and clean. Above all, the price should be affordable. These are the essential points that a buyer should keep in mind while buying wood-burning stoves.

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